My newest interest is in creating panorama pictures. To create panorama pictures I am using a software called Panorama Factory. This program allows you to create easily panorama pictures with great quality and with very little work.

I will add more panorama pictures whenever I create new ones. So please make sure you check back often.

Click on the panorama pictures to see the full resolution panorama picture.

The Panorama Factory hasn't been updated for quite some time because most cell phones can create really good panorama pictures. Since I just got a drone which takes great pictures but no panorama pictures I had to search for a new panorama software. And I found is in an unusual place - Microsoft: Image Composite Editor (ICE) 

Please note that the Image Composite Editor download is no longer available. This project has been retired.

I tried some old panorama pictures with this software and got better results than with the Panorama Factory. Pictures created by the Panorama Factory had some ghosts in it. ICE created a clear panorama picture from the same source pictures.