Hi friends and family I will not be updating this page anymore. Joomla 3 is coming to an end and I have created a new website with Joomla 4. Below is the link to the new website. It's nearly done. I have moved all the contents from this website to the new one and added some new content. By the end of August 2023 this website will be archived.

This page is the home for bubestinger.com, bubestinger.us and bubsti.com with the newest version of Joomla. All domains are pointing to this homepage. 

My homepage is a project to familiarize myself with Content Management Systems (CMS). I'm using an open source CMS system from Joomla!. Please visit the link to Joomla for details about development and newest releases. I recently changed my template to make my website mobile friendly. The same content will be displayed differently depending on device attributes and screen size. 

I also added a Photo Album Software from jAlbum to my website. All our pictures can be found here. I changes my jAlbum skin to a mobile friendly skin. The same photo albums are now displayed differently based on device attributes and screen size.