The panorama below has been made from 10 images. This panorama was take from "Dante's View". It looks straight across the valley towards west. The mountain in the middle is Telescope Peake 11,049 ft. (3.367 m.).

Wikipedia: "Dante's View":

Dante's View is a viewpoint terrace at 5,475 feet (1.669 meters) height, on the North side of Coffin Peak, along the crest of the Black Mountains. Dante's View is about 25 miles (40 kilometers) from Furnace Creek towards Greenwater Valley, in Death Valley, California, U.S., Death Valley National Park. From the Dante's View parking lot tourists can take several paths, one of which leads to the very brink of the edge, offering a dramatic panoramic view even better than that from the parking lot. Another path leads North 350 yards (320 meters) to a rest area with picnic tables. The best time to visit Dante's View is in the cooler morning hours, when the sun is in the east. Dante's View is also an excellent venue for night time star parties for those with telescopes.

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